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Spraying & Spreading

Crop Spraying

We are equipped with the latest in Airtec© application technology. Spray droplets are entrained into the crop in a curtain of air which helps the Airtec sprayer cut drift to just 10% of that from conventional sprayers.

The Airtec Nozzle

Airtec Advantages

  Airtec V Conventional  
More efficient and accurate use of pesticides Inefficient chemical use and less profits.
Maximum versatility. On the move droplet spectrum changes. LERAP without nozzle change Frequent nozzle changes needed.
Faster, safer working. Greater safety worries and more downtime.
Greater spray window and better timing. Frequent re-filling and lower outputs.
More fields per day. Less available spraying days

Satellite Guidance System

Our sprayer is equipped with GPS navigation for accurate bout applications in all field conditions, ideal for pre-emergence or grassland work.

Specialist SprayingServices -
Amenity, Paddock and Game Strips

We can provide ATV mounted boom sprayer for difficult access or smaller areas. 1m shield sprayer for barrier spraying or areas where drift must be kept to a minimum Rotowiper – applies chemical only to target weed in no-spray areas such Stewardship / ESA etc.

All of our Operators are professionally certified: NoRSo; BASIS LERAP; NAAC.

Bulk Fertiliser and Lime Spreading

6t Bredal spreader with high capacity spreading disc system.
12 – 36m spread possible depening upon materials

Complete service options of Supply, Deliver and Spread

Spraying & Spreading Spraying & Spreading