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Cultivations & Drilling
Cultivations & Drilling
Cultivations & Drilling

Cultivations & Drilling

Gregoire Besson Discordon.
This provides One-Pass Disc-Tine-Disc-Press cultivation. It provides a high speed; even penetration in all soils; shallow or deep cultivation.

Till and Drill

This can be equipped with optional Opico Variocaster for a one-pass Till and Drill

We also offer a full range of arable cultivations:

  • sub-soiling
  • ploughing
  • power harrowing
  • rolling


We offer a complete range of drilling options:

  • No-Till: Amazone Primera. 6m Direct drill
  • Min-Till: Horsch-Simba. 6m Sprinter
  • Slot seeding: Moore All-Till drill
  • Conventional Drilling: Amazone Power Harrow combination

Grass Over-seeding / Air seeder

Over-seeding: Opico-Variocaster with 6m Tine harrow. Ideal for grass ley renovation; undersowing cereal crops.